Weekend DIY Sliding Barn Door

Needed a custom size sliding barn door for our laundry room, so we hammered one together and painted it Sherwin-Williams Pewter Tankard - best color ever!

Should I admit that this was actually "Take 2" as our first attempt had to be scrapped since it was too heavy to hang? We learned quickly...2nd time was a charm, but was too thick for the spacers that came with the Artisan Hardware track.

Mr. H. came up with a great fix. He cut galvanized pipe to length and inserted poly pipe tubing for the screws to grab into. Couldn't have worked better. I gave them a quick rub-down with gun bluing so they'd match the Raw Steel finish we'd picked...so happy with the results.

Door slides perfectly between the wall and the crock stand after installing a guide at the bottom. Certainly took more fussing than what we expected, but so worth the effort!