Glorious Shiplap

Have you heard about or tried the easiest way to add the character of shiplap to your existing walls? Was a hard sell to my hubby at first, but he softened when I explained to him how easy-peasy the process was and he realized that it wouldn’t look like an afterthought.

For a bit of history, you can take the girl out of the farmhouse, but can’t take the farmhouse out of the girl. Spent our first 15 years married restoring a 1904 farmhouse, and the second half in new construction. Of course the prior was long before Joanna made shiplap the rage, but dare I admit that back then when we stripped the old sheetrock down to the original shiplap, cheesecloth and wallpaper, we just sheet-rocked right back over it??? Just pretend I didn’t say that. 😉

This time around a big shout out goes to Emily at Table and Hearth for all the tips and tricks she posted on her site in her helpful DIY tutorial. Check it out if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to get the look! I followed her lead and had smooth plywood underlayment  (SKU #492930) ripped at Home Depot  into 6" planks (they didn't even charge me a cutting fee) that we spaced both horizontally and vertically with nickels.

Such a brilliant idea without even needing to remove the baseboards and trim! So if you’re on the fence, wait no longer…you’ll be so glad you did!