Stepback Cupboard...Meet Mr. Chalk Paint

I finally took the plunge last summer to paint my cupboard after gathering enough courage and time to make it happen! I've loved this glorious late 1800's stepback fir cupboard for over 20 years, but have not been smitten with its over-the-top orange glow. Or the wood-burned detail on the lower doors. Have wanted to freshen it up with a coat of white, and knew if I did, whatever I perched on those shelves would be the star and shine. No more fighting and competition. Being surrounded by antiques all my life, I know what this means to its value, but we have an understanding and agreed to never part ways.

So the question became milk paint...or chalk paint? After some deliberation, I landed on chalk paint, mainly because I had previously used it on a different cupboard and was thrilled with how it turned out. This way, success was certain, trumping the fear of failure.

Because chalk paint is so clingy and the cupboard was dry, no prep was necessary other than a good wipe down. I used Americana Decor's chalk paint in their Everlasting color, which can readily be found at Home Depot. We all know that the right brush can either make or break success, so I can't say enough about the 2" angled brush I also picked up there. It's handle is short for good control and all those hard-to-reach places. It's also rubberized and "gives" while you're at's simply a joy to work with.

There was nothing fancy about applying the paint. Just tried not to push it into all those character nooks and crannies. Wanted to save as much of its original time-worn character as I could. The paint dried quickly (was delightfully surprised by some patches of natural cracking and crazing) and was soon ready for sanding and distressing. That's the dreaded part for me, but this girl can tackle any sanding project with a good pair of gloves. I went to town with a medium grit sandpaper, and when I thought I was done, I sanded and distressed some more.

When I was happy with "the look," I re-installed the hardware, replacing those porcelain drawer knobs with some old embossed star pulls I'd had in my stash for, love, love those details.

Finished it off by applying and buffing out a clear coat of Briwax with a soft cloth. Wish you could see it in person. Can't keep my hands off it due to the silky, dry finish it gave me. Doing the happy dance over here...couldn't be more pleased. Now the question is, "Why did I wait so long?" :)