Please drop by my Etsy and eBay shops often to take a peek at what's new. You'll find antique, vintage and farmhouse style goods for your inspired home and leave with a buying experience that will refresh your spirit!


I specialize in antiques, vintage and farmhouse style goods and have always surrounded myself with the warmth and authentic character they naturally bring. I also love to create and understand the need to keep home decor fresh and relevant for today, even if it's a fresh take on an old classic. Etsy's creative platform allows me the opportunity to offer both. There's such a buzz these days to "reduce, reuse, recycle and re-purpose" and rightly so. Perhaps one of its benefits not spoken of often enough is the element of surprise this approach brings to our spaces. It's the unexpected in life that catches our attention, stops us in our tracks and makes us take note. A bit of whimsy, a bit of fun and placing a personal spin on design and styling puts a smile on our face. And it lifts our spirits when we can enjoy the satisfaction of giving things from our past new purpose as we express ourselves in our homes in tangible ways. My hope is that you will find the inspiration here to kindle your creativity and find products, both vintage and fresh, that express your personal style!

The eBay selling platform and antique marketplace have sure changed since I began selling here 18 years ago. Back then I was hesitant that folks would be willing to buy antiques online without first having the opportunity to touch and feel them. Time sure proved me wrong! These days I combine my strong business sense and professional background in finance with my love for antiques and photography on this site to offer up my more uncommon finds...many in the form of auctions...allowing you the buyer to set their value. Current trend is that many folks simply "watch" the auctions progress and don't jump in with bids until the end, so don't miss out. :)  I've enjoyed the honor of having earned eBay's Top Rated Seller status for years now. I offer experience you can trust - shipping both domestically and internationally with a good working understanding of customs forms and processes. You can buy here with confidence and a money-back guarantee, as it's my goal to make and keep happy customers. And send you goods that will arrive carefully packaged that will truly delight!